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Gifts For Guys Who Don't Like Gifts

Dec 06, 2021

Why is that fathers, brothers, and husbands are notoriously hard to buy holiday gifts for? Do we already have everything we need? Is our taste so unique that others don't quite get it? Yeah, probably a little of A and a little of B.

Don't waste your money again this Christmas on the latest gadget that might get used once. Instead, consider gifting an educational skill he will learn over a weekend and keep with him for a lifetime.

New, in time for this Christmas, we're releasing three hands-on, old-timey skills for the adventurous, raconteurs in your life:

  1. Knife Making Kit

    Learn a craft as old as mankind. There's nothing like the satisfaction of holding sharpened steel and wood that you fashioned with your own bare hands. This kit is designed for dedicated beginners with tools and material included.

  2. Woodworking Kit

    Learn the intricacies of identifying grain direction, working with hard and soft woods, as well as dovetail and spline joints. This kit includes everything needed to craft a butcher block and a live edge charcuterie board. Give a gift to him that ends up being a gift for you–win-win.

  3. Cigar-Rolling Kit

    Faster than a puddle-jumper to Havana, and almost as badass, this cigar-rolling kit will help you perfect the ancient art of rolling tobacco. This kit includes everything you need to hand roll your first belvedere.

Have ideas for a RELIC kit? Let us know, we just make be able to make it happen.

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