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  1. Organize your parts. Take every thing out of the box and plastic bags and lay them all out on your flat working surface.
  2. Put some tape over the blade. You can use masking tape or painter's tape, but avoid any tape that will leave a sticky residue. This is to protect yourself from accidental cuts.
  3. Attach the lock liner and brass bolster using the pivot pin. Start with the blade facing left and towards you.
  4. Next, insert washer over the pivot pin.
  5. Position the blade. Place the blade on top of the liner, with the pivot pin going through the hole in the blade.
  6. Now add another washer. Place it on top of the pivot pin going througj the blade.
  7. Position bladestop and add in the back spacers.
  8. Attach the other liner. Place the other liner over the top and line it up with the pivot screw as well as the backstop.
  9. Attach top brass bolster.  Put the other brass bolster on top as well as the pivot screw. Loosely tighten the screw here.
  10. Drop screws in both sides of the liners. Place the smallest screws into the back spacers in the back liner. Don't screw it too tight here, just your your fingers. Turn it over, hold it tight and now put two more small screws into the back liner and the spacers at this point it should start to feel a little bit more sturdy.
  11. Screw in the bolstersNext we need to attach the other screws on the bolsters. Once everything is in you can use the torx wrenches to tighten until everything feels really sturdy, taking care not to strip the screws.
  12. Attach scales. Take the next biggest screws, and gently tighten it in. Take note that the butt is a little bit thicker here, so use ther larger screw on the butt of the knife. Flip over the knife and do the same thing again.
  13. Attach thumb nub. Using the last tiny screw that you have left, attach the thumb nub so that you can open up your knife like a badass with one hand.
  14. Adjust to preference. You can make the knife easier or harder to open by adjusting the tightness of the pivot pin.
  15. Take off tape. You can now enjoy your knife! 🔪